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Facade insulation - which insulation is worthwhile?

With an insulated facade you save energy costs and create a pleasant room climate. There are different insulation systems in which you make the selection based on the building fabric and the conditions on site. Bring the Facade insulation in the context of an energetic renovation, a comparison of the systems makes sense.

The different types of facade insulation at a glance

You can insulate your facade in different ways. The variants of the Facade insulation differ primarily in the assembly. In addition, there is special insulation that is always attached from the outside and is therefore only suitable for a facade that is not listed as a historical monument. The old building places different demands on the Facade insulation than the new building. In the case of unsuitable material or an unsuitable assembly technique, the insulation become a problem due to serious construction errors and require subsequent repair. In the following you will find out when core insulation, interior insulation or exterior insulation as well as special insulation are recommended.

Core insulation

Core insulation is used to fill a cavity between the exterior and interior masonry. This is full insulation that is mainly used in new buildings. The core insulation is not suitable for an energetic renovation, as it would only be possible if the interior area was completely gutted.

Interior insulation

Insulation inside the house is recommended for listed properties and for houses whose facade is to be retained. In these cases, the insulation material is applied from the inside to the outer walls as well as under the ceilings. Depending on the material thickness, the interior insulation reduces the size of the room.

Exterior insulation

External insulation is affordable in terms of building physics and price. They are attached to the outer wall of the house and then clad. Since the external insulation creates a change in the appearance of the object, it must not be used in monument properties and historic buildings.

External thermal insulation system (ETICS) or external thermal insulation system (AWD)

The thermal composite system is a special form of external insulation. These are insulation panels to be mounted on an existing outer wall. The new outer facade is then designed. ETICS have mainly been used in new buildings and renovations in recent years and are characterized by the fact that they make an important contribution to reducing energy costs. The cladding of the insulated facades is possible with different materials.

Ventilated curtain wall

With this particular type of Facade insulation it is a multi-shell construction for mounting on the outer wall. It has better moisture removal and a longer service life than a thermal composite system. In the later facade design you have numerous options, as you can clad the construction with different materials or plaster it.

Conclusion: the right facade insulation for your property

What insulation is ideal for you depends on various factors. The building fabric as well as the legal regulations for your property, public building or your company building are decisive criteria in the selection. In some cases, external insulation is not possible, so you can rely on a insulation have to fall back on the inside. In order to achieve a comfortable climate and to reduce energy costs, you should not rely on one insulation waive. We would be happy to advise you and recommend you the right facade insulation based on the conditions on site.

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