Extraordinary home styling with individual surfaces

Your own four walls must suit you, because ideally they reflect your unique character. Individual surfaces offer you versatile design options for home styling in a condominium or your own home. Even with small changes, such as new wall colors, you can achieve remarkable effects. In addition, it is also extremely useful for shops to adapt a shop with a variety of styling options to the respective company purpose.

Why is home styling with an individual living style important?

Homestyling in your own home embodies your personal preferences, needs and life situation. Among other things, visitors should recognize what they like and who they are through individual surfaces and furniture. Experts proved Relationships between your own four walls and your personality already in several studies. The American psychologist Sam Gosling, for example, has been researching this topic for more than ten years. The first glance into the apartment usually reveals a lot about the residents. Many people identify with an individual home styling and therefore feel comfortable at home.

Floors: seamless and individual surfaces

Seamless surfaces form a uniform surface by dispensing with joints. As a result, a floor is often less sensitive to water or dirt and is easier to clean. A popular choice for individual flooring is Naturofloor, which consists of white cement, quartz sand and many other additives. With numerous design options, this mixture enables you to create a unique design. The same applies to seamless terrazzo surfaces, which are available with different stones. For a terrazzo floor, for example, granite chippings, limestone and marble as well as river gravel or dolomite are available.

Individual walls as a special eye-catcher

If you are at the Home styling on walls Put on individual surfaces with plaster, the result contributes to room air conditioning. At the same time, various design options open up for plastering work with different materials such as brush plaster, gypsum plaster and clay plaster.

Wallpapers offer you a particularly wide variety of designs. For wallpapering work, you will find woodchip or paper wallpapers, which you can purchase with varied and complex designs.

Painting is also an attractive option for individual color design on walls. From a huge variety of colors, you can select the right color tones for the desired room design. During painting work, specialists create individual surfaces with a high level of precision that look unique.

Individual surface design in Meggen and in the Hotel Radisson

During renovation work on a property in Meggen, MVM AG was able to demonstrate what individual home styling can look like with plastering and wall paper. The seamless floor coverings are another eye-catcher. 

In the Radisson Hotel, the main focus was on drywall, plastering and painting. This example scores with a modern design and elegance.

Extraordinary home stylings with MVM

MVM AG is a specialist for appealing room design and decorative conversions. In our showroom you will discover materials for individual surfaces with a diverse selection. There we will show you how we can help you achieve exceptional home styling.

Conclusion: seamless and individual surfaces - as versatile as your character

With home styling, individual and seamless surfaces give you a wide range of design options. This enables private individuals to illustrate their personal character and companies to illustrate their own philosophy. Get in touch now and make an appointment free of charge on site! 

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