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Energy-efficient wall coatings for commercial premises: why they are worth investing in

Energy-efficient wall coatings can make an important contribution to improving energy efficiency in business premises. These wall coverings help to retain heat in the room and keep out cold, which contributes to better regulation of room temperature. This saves energy and reduces your energy costs. In this article you can find out exactly how you can use energy-efficient wall coatings for business premises.

Your options for energy-efficient wall coatings

There are many different types of energy efficient wall coatings, such as insulating materials, insulating paints and thermal foils. These wall coatings can be applied directly to the wall and help to improve your indoor climate. There are different types of insulating materials. Examples of this are minerals, foams and the revolutionary variant for interior insulation: ISOnatura® from GIPSAir® GmbH. Each type has its own advantages and properties, such as fire resistance or sound absorption. As qualified professionals, we will be happy to help you determine the best option for your business premises.

But insulating paint is also an option for energy-efficient wall coatings. Unlike insulating materials, insulating paint is applied like any other paint, but provides additional insulation through microscopic beads contained within the paint. These beads reflect heat, which helps to create a comfortable indoor climate and save on energy costs. However, it is important to choose a quality and long-lasting paint to get the best result.

Finally, you can also use thermal foils as energy-efficient wall coverings for your business premises. This special type of foil is glued to the wall and provides an extra layer of insulation by reflecting heat. Thermal films are particularly effective in rooms where there are large panes of glass, as they help keep excess heat away from the windows. Thermal films are easy to install, durable and cost effective. But here, too, it is important for an optimal result that you choose a high-quality film.

Your benefits

One advantage of energy efficient wall coatings is that they are easy to install. Many of these wall coatings can be applied without much effort. This applies above all to insulating paint and thermal foils. You can quickly and easily install an energy-efficient wall coating in your business premises. Interior insulation such as ISOnatura®, on the other hand, is a bit more complex, but also more effective. In addition, energy-efficient wall coatings also have a positive effect on the environment. Because by saving energy, you also reduce your CO2 emissions. This is an important step towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly business practice.

Have energy-efficient wall coatings applied for business premises now

In summary, it is worth investing in energy-efficient wall coatings for your business premises. You save energy, reduce your energy costs and have a positive effect on the environment. Choose the energy efficient wall covering that best suits your needs and desires and improve energy efficiency in your business premises.

If you are not sure which variant best suits your needs, we will be happy to advise you. We can then professionally attach the selected option. Contact us now and let us advise you!

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