Decorative surface design for a unique interior

Thanks to our expertise in decorative surface design, you can customise the interior and create unique spatial experiences.

Decorative surface design

Interiors do not simply live from their size, layout or incidence of light. Modern surface design techniques ensure that walls, ceilings and floors can be highly individual and decorative without you having to spend a fortune. Combine colours, shapes and textures to elicit a multi-dimensional experience from your premises.

Thanks to the know-how of our surface design experts, we can present you with a wide range of techniques, for example in our showroom and affiliated sample centre in Emmen. Get fresh ideas and let yourself be inspired. With us, the focus is always on the individual solution for each and every customer, regardless of whether you want seamless or structured, matt or glossy, smooth or rough, discreet or extravagantly coloured surfaces.

Basic materials for decorative surface design

At MVM, we use materials such as the plastic polyurethane (PU) as well as cement, lime putty, clay and terrazzo to give surfaces a decorative finish.

Polyurethane is a material of the 20th century and is used in many areas of surface design, be it in the car industry, in the production of everyday household items or in the building industry. Here it is used for insulation, but also to give surfaces the finishing touch.

Cement is a traditional building material of the recent past that is equally suitable for walls, ceilings and floors. It withstands high loads and is particularly suitable for the design of wet rooms. Whether poured or trowelled, every surface made of cement is unique and therefore unique in its visual effect. If you are now thinking of a boring grey, we would like to correct you – cement can be processed in many different shades.

Swamp lime was already used in antiquity to embellish interiors. It has an almost silky-soft feel and gives walls and ceilings their own character. However, it does not appear obtrusive, but rather radiates a deep tranquillity, which can be further enhanced by appropriately chosen colouring. Perfectly crafted, marsh lime creates a very individual living atmosphere.

Good old clay has also been a classic since “eternal” times. With this raw material, we provide a surface design that has a completely natural look and feel and can be refined decoratively in many different ways, for example by adding mosaic surfaces, sgraffito, ornaments and much more.

Terrazzo floors have been at home in human dwellings for thousands of years. Countless designs can be created by mixing coloured cement with small stones of various kinds embedded in it. Terrazzo is applied without joints and ultimately results in hard-wearing surfaces that have a very long service life and are also suitable for modern underfloor heating systems.

MVM masters numerous techniques of decorative surface design

The choice of materials alone offers a great deal of scope for surface design. This is further enhanced by the application techniques that our experts at MVM have mastered. These include:

You can get a first impression from the pictures here. However, to get a realistic assessment of how decorative a technique looks, it is best to visit us in our showroom, where we can show you our extensive collection of samples and at the same time inform you in detail about all the properties of the individual techniques.

Use colour to set individual accents in surface design

Materials and processing techniques are still not enough for us when it comes to surface design. We love to add further accents with colours and colour concepts that optimise the room and its light, for example with gilding. However, we do not think statically, but always follow current trends in order to be able to offer you optimal solutions for your desired ambience.

One of these trends is the surface design of walls and ceilings with dark shades such as dark navy blue, forest green or grey. With well-planned lighting, they can thus achieve very interesting light-shadow effects or skilfully set the scene for works of art. The prerequisite is, of course, that the painting work is carried out absolutely professionally.

Our team at MVM will be happy to advise you in detail – also on site – on which materials, techniques and colours you can use to create which effect. Simply make an appointment with us.

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