Concrete cosmetics – reprofiling, structuring and retouching exposed concrete

Exposed concrete in outdoor areas is constantly exposed to weathering. MVM reprofiles, structures and retouches damage & unsightliness with concrete cosmetics.

Concrete cosmetics - concrete work for exposed concrete

Design with exposed concrete characterises an entire style of modern international architecture, especially in so-called Brutalism. Exposed concrete is not faced or plastered, but serves as a predominant design element in addition to its structural function.

In the long term, however, constantly changing weather and other influences can cause damage or heavy contamination on the surface that requires special treatment. In some cases, defects or signs of use have already occurred in some places during construction, which impair the overall impression.

With various methods of concrete cosmetics such as reprofiling, structuring and retouching, such defects can usually be eliminated without any problems. Our professionals for concrete work in the MVM team are competently at your side to help facades, ceilings, walls and floors made of concrete regain their flawless appearance.

Reprofiling as a form of concrete cosmetics

Reprofiling of fair-faced concrete is due in the case of substantial damage that appears irreparable at first glance. For example, chipped areas, gravel pockets or defective edges. The professionals for concrete cosmetics at MVM then start to refurbish the concrete with special powders and mortars. In the process, depressions can be refilled and surfaces precisely levelled.

Since we carry out this concrete work with mineral-based materials, in the end we achieve a permanently durable bond with the feel typical of concrete and a homogeneous surface appearance. As a result, the defects are removed in such a way that the previous imperfections can no longer be felt or seen.

Structuring and retouching as a form of concrete cosmetics

When concrete work on a new building has been completed and the formwork has been removed, it is not uncommon to find that the structuring of the surface does not turn out as desired. Incorrect or discontinuous formwork patterns have been created, concrete noses show defects and the like.

In such cases, MVM’s specialists can create a new surface structure in several work steps. To do this, the surface is first smoothed by means of reprofiling. Then we lay a new substrate in typical concrete look and, if necessary, build up raised areas as concrete noses. After completion of the work, you can enjoy a new formwork structure that does not differ visually from an original concrete finish.

Retouching is an optical correction in concrete cosmetics. It removes discolouration, rust flags, areas with incorrectly coloured concrete, markings of reinforcements and formwork skin as well as run-down concrete noses. To do this, our experts for concrete work first professionally prepare the substrate before the surface is given a new look and feel. Typical concrete shades are usually preferred for this, although coloured designs are also possible. We achieve these with finely pigmented glazes and powders, which are applied either manually or by spraying. Here, too, you end up with a perfect surface that is indistinguishable from real exposed concrete.

MVM AG - we are your experts for concrete cosmetics

If you have problems with exposed concrete surfaces, it is best to make an appointment for an inspection directly at your site with our experts for concrete cosmetics. After a detailed assessment of the problematic areas, we can explain the appropriate measures and also provide you with a non-binding offer. Do not wait too long so that the damage does not extend further and attack the substance of the concrete in depth.

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Referenz: Suurstoffi, Rotkreuz

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