Bathroom upgrade? 4 tips from the room expert

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Get inspired with these 4 tips from the space experts for Drywall - The right solution for your bathroom!

Realize creative ideas very easily with drywall

Im Drywall new divisions in the bathroom are very easy. Create shelves in previously unused niches. Install towel racks or create a spatial separation between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom with drywall sheets. why Drywall and are the panels even suitable for damp rooms? Conventional plasterboard is not used in bathrooms. The beneficial properties of Drywall come into play when you concentrate on special moisture-proof plasterboard. Best of all, there is no need to tear down anything with drywall. You mount the panels on the existing wall cladding. Hanging cables belong in the Drywall a thing of the past. Lines or lighting concepts are simply laid under the wall structure and guided out of the drywall panel at the desired location.

The advantages of drywall at a glance

A specialist can change the entire room structure or clad walls in just a few simple steps. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble panels compensate for unevenness and are suitable as partition walls. For the Drywall There are special panels in damp rooms. These are particularly moisture-resistant and prevent the formation of mold. Does your bathroom need an upgrade that goes beyond the wall cladding? Then create the room layout you want in this way. Important: The installation of drywall panels does not change the spatial statics. Calculations for the weight load on the floor or walls are therefore unnecessary.
The Drywall is a cheap and high-quality solution for bathroom redesign. Without craftsmanship, especially in the Drywall based experience, hire a professional. They implement your ideas with creativity and professionalism. Note: Damp-proof drywall panels are quick-drying, easy to care for and flexible in use. Thanks to their low weight per unit area, the panels can be used anywhere and are easy to process.

Naturofloor for ecological and seamless bathroom design

With Naturofloor you can create a very elegant and modern bathroom. What is Naturofloor? As a mineral product, based on the natural raw materials quartz sand and white cement, the shower or the entire bathroom can be covered seamlessly with Naturofloor. Absolutely hygienic and barrier-free, Naturofloor comes with a whole range of positive properties. The cleaning effort is significantly reduced thanks to the seamless processing. In addition, there is the enormous impact and scratch resistance as well as the acid resistance. Seamless Naturofloor walls and floors ensure a luxurious and timeless bathroom. Implement your ideas with very high-quality materials and enjoy a bath that becomes your own wellness temple. Thanks to Naturofloor, cleaning joints for hours is a thing of the past.
The charm of the mineral products speaks for itself and is another reason for bathroom design with Naturofloor. Set accents with the combination of light and dark Naturofloor. If you want an ecological and 100% hygienic bathroom, Naturofloor is a future-oriented solution.

Water-repellent wallpaper: versatile and stylish

Rugs is not suitable for the bathroom? With a special, water-repellent vinyl, fleece or fiberglass wallpaper, you can make your bathroom stylish and moisture-resistant. When working with damp-proof wallpapers, ensure that they are seamlessly processed, so that neither water nor steam can get under the wallpaper. Wallpaper with moisture-resistant properties is even suitable for creating rain showers in the jungle design. Jungle motifs or maritime wallpapers are particularly popular in bathroom design. In a wide variety of colors and designs, you can find the right wallpaper for your bathroom without a long search. The processing takes place on a dry and grease-free surface.

Design variety for water-repellent wallpapers

You design your modern bathroom according to your ideas. Would you like a stone look? Then a moisture-resistant 3D wallpaper is ideal. For bathrooms that take you into the jungle or on a palm beach while showering, there is wallpaper with the respective motifs. Large flowers and plants create a particularly graceful flair and bring freshness to the bathroom. For a breathtaking accent, we recommend that you only use the wallpaper on one wall or in part of the bathroom. Tip: You can create a stylish contrast with one in the color spectrum of the wallpaper Wall paint. In the case of jungle designs, the color green is ideal for the walls that have not been wallpapered.
Can motif wallpaper be processed on a drywall? Yes! Of the Drywall Thanks to its smooth surface, it offers an ideal primer for this wall covering. When choosing, focus on special damp-proof wallpapers without joints. At the transitions to the ceiling and floor, as well as to other wall coverings, a silicone seal ensures the water barrier required in the bathroom.

New ambience very easily with wall paint

The wall color has a lasting effect on the ambience and your mood. With the courage to use color, you can create a bathroom that invites you to linger and inspires with stylish elegance. Do not set any limits to your imagination, let yourself be inspired by the variety of wall colors. A dark wall color, which you can use to highlight individual areas, is very popular. Green and turquoise are also perfect for your bathroom. When choosing your wall color, the main focus is on the overall impression. Whether you use light or dark colors depends not least on the bathroom furnishings.

Dark colors with light furniture

Anthracite and deep gray tones are very popular. But in a small bathroom without sufficient daylight, doubts quickly arise during processing. Dark wall color gives your bathroom a warm and harmonious look that inspires regardless of the size of the room. With light furniture and a large mirror, you ensure sufficient brightness in the room and create a stylish contrast. If you are applying a very dark paint, the wall must be absolutely straight. We recommend straightening the wall beforehand with drywall sheets to compensate for larger unevenness.
You can give your bathroom a personal touch with a wall color. Colors look romantic, Mediterranean or exclusive, playful or warm and cozy. The aura your bathroom exudes after the upgrade depends on your selection in the color palette. Can't make up your mind? Advice from our color experts is helpful for designing with wall paint.

The best drywall ideas for your dream bathroom!

Have we piqued your interest? Then don't wait any longer to upgrade! We would be happy to advise you individually and personally on the options for your new bathroom. in the Drywall Convert niches into storage space and create separate areas if you wish. With Naturofloor benefit from many advantages and create a completely seamless bathroom. For a jungle ambience with unusual details, wallpaper is the best decision. You can set colored accents easily and effectively with a new wall color. Can't decide between the tips? You don't have to! Because a combination of the different ideas and materials for your unique bathroom upgrade is easily possible at any time.
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