Dirt on Concrete: What Can You Do?

dirt on concrete

Fair-faced concrete is currently very much in vogue both indoors and outdoors. But what is the right way to deal with dirt on concrete? What are the best methods for cleaning concrete or even restoring its original appearance? We clarify. Removing light soiling It is important that you check in advance whether the concrete you have is impregnated. If […]

Drywall in the bathroom - increasingly common

Drywall in the bathroom

Drywall is being used more and more often - to separate rooms, to put a walk-in closet in the bedroom or in the bathroom. But why exactly is drywall becoming more and more popular in the bathroom and how is it used correctly? We provide you with the answers to these questions here. What is drywall? A drywall is […]

Room design in the kitchen

Room design in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house. At the same time, the interior design in the kitchen must meet many different requirements: a kitchen should be hygienic and clean, but at the same time you should feel comfortable in it and feel like cooking or eating. After the meal, the kitchen should also be cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible […]

Seamless wall covering

Seamless wall covering

A seamless design in your own house or condominium looks elegant and timelessly modern. The seamless style is being used more and more frequently, especially as a floor covering. But seamless wall coverings are also very much in vogue again. In this article you will learn why this is so. Why seamless wall covering? Of course, the visual appearance of your own […]

Renovating old houses in a timely manner

Renovating old houses in a timely manner

Owning a house is a popular dream. Buying an existing property is usually cheaper than building a new one. After buying an older house, however, a renovation is often the first thing to do. But even if you are already a happy homeowner, sooner or later there will be a point where repairs are necessary. Do you want old houses […]

Architecture with concrete

Architecture with concrete

Fair-faced concrete, also known under the name Béton Brut, is currently very much in vogue for indoor and outdoor use. Here you can find out everything you need to know about architecture with concrete. What does architecture with concrete mean? We are talking about architecture with concrete when the building material Béton Brut is used. Béton Brut, in English “raw […]

Painting baby room: which color choice is the right one?

Paint the baby room

Are you wondering which color is the right one to paint your baby's room? But you think baby blue for boys and soft pink for girls is outdated? We give you tips on which colors make the most sense for the baby room. Choose bright and not too intense colors If you paint the baby room, make […]

Decorative fine clay plaster for finishing surfaces

decorative fine clay plaster

Decorative fine clay plaster is currently all the rage. The reason: Different surfaces from pots to decorative clay plaster can be refined with it. You can find out exactly what decorative fine clay plaster is and how to use it here. What is decorative fine clay plaster? Decorative fine clay plaster is a powder to be mixed with water. It has many advantages: It is [...]

Combine wall colors - monochrome was yesterday!

Combine wall colors

In principle, single-color walls are absolutely okay. This is especially true when setting accents with furniture and decorative elements. However, it is also possible to combine a wide variety of wall colors. In this way, different accents can be set directly on the walls and a wide range of design options can be realized in the living room. Combine wall colors - why? Different colors can affect our psyche differently. [...]

Which wallpaper type are you?

wallpaper type

Every person is unique – individual. The same applies to the four walls at home. Regardless of whether it is an apartment, house, furnishings or decoration, even each individual room has an individual charm that has a lot to do with the uniqueness of the residents. Surely you also want to integrate a personal touch into your furnishing style. And this starts with […]

Repair cracks in the wall

Repair cracks in the wall

Whether indoors or outdoors - every now and then small cracks appear in walls. Both the facade and the interior walls can be affected. No matter how big or small the cracks are, they generally don't look pretty. In addition, they can also indicate greater damage. Find out what causes this can have […]

Color theory for home and office

color theory

Colors accompany us on all paths: in dreams, in nature, in the office and in our own four walls. As diverse as they are, their effect on the human psyche is as varied. It is therefore important to choose the right color, especially at home and in the office. Color theory tells us how it should turn out. [...]

Surface protection for mineral substrates

surface protection

MVM AG manufactures high-quality floor and wall coverings from various minerals and then ensures professional installation. Among other things, we create coverings made of Naturofloor and concrete. These are considered to be particularly easy to clean and are even installed in wet cells. However, what few people know: These properties only arise through the surface protection. Alles […]

Discreet wall design for more well-being at home

Subtle wall design

Feel at home in a timelessly beautiful environment. Who does not want that? It is undisputed that the facility plays a major role in this. But what about the walls? If they are too bland and cold, the room looks uncomfortable, if they are too colourful, it may be that after a short time you will not […]

Types of rubbing plaster: Plaster for inside and outside

Types of rubbing plaster

Rough plaster has probably already been encountered visually by everyone, whether on the inside or outside of a building. However, what many do not know is that this plaster has major differences for inside and outside: Different types of textured plaster differ in their composition and thus also in their use. Rubbing plaster for the inside cannot therefore automatically be used for the outside [...]

Something different: 5 creative wallpapering ideas

creative wallpapering ideas

Anyone who is fed up with plaster and wall paint, but instead often and happily redesigns their living environment, reaches for wallpaper. What they look like is up to personal taste. Only one thing is important: you must feel comfortable between your walls. But which decor is the right one? We show you 5 creative wallpapering ideas. 1. Wallpaper with arabesques in aluminum look If it […]

Repair interior plaster

Repair interior plaster

Plastering over existing plaster - is that possible? We provide answers and help you to make the right decision. Even plastered walls lose their shine and radiance over time. But does old plaster really have to be removed, or can the interior plaster be repaired? Removing old plaster is a tedious job that takes a lot of […]

Every surface is unique - Naturofloor

every surface is unique

MVM AG is a qualified partner of Naturofloor. Our experts carry out your order professionally and ensure that your home is designed uniquely and individually according to your ideas - because every surface is unique. All information about Naturofloor is exclusively available from us! Naturofloor - Every surface is unique In the industrial sector [...]

Renovate house? 5 reasons that speak for it

Renovate house

Over the years, a house loses its luster and value. That can be changed. Measures that are implemented when renovating a house ensure a better attitude towards life and maximum well-being. Is your property getting old? Think about a renovation and let MVM advise you. We'll tell you why the [...]

Time for a change of scenery

change of scenery

Start the new year with a change. A change of scenery is a good solution here. New year, new room design? The wallpaper needs to be renewed from time to time. The New Year is not only suitable for making good resolutions, it is also the ideal time for a change of scenery. If you want to start with renewed vigor and new motivation, old [...]

Treat and retouch exposed concrete

Treat and retouch exposed concrete

Exposed concrete has been very popular for a number of years and shapes modern architecture. It looks very beautiful and aesthetic when it is clean and free from defects. But over time, exposed concrete can appear worn and unclean, which of course gets in the way of the first impression. To avoid this problem, you can treat the exposed concrete [...]

Set colored accents in the facade design

set colored accents

Individual facades stand out and make the landlords happy. It is no coincidence that many owners use colored accents on their facades and incorporate their individual ideas into the design. But what works and what doesn't? We clarify! Current trend colors Bright colors such as red, violet or grass green are a booming trend in [...]

Mineral fiber ceiling cladding

Mineral fiber ceiling cladding

Numerous different building materials are available for professional ceiling construction. In this context, building owners often opt for high-quality ceiling cladding made of mineral fibers. One advantage: mineral fibers are absolutely harmless in terms of building biology. Find out more about the properties and benefits of mineral fibers for ceiling construction. Areas of application of mineral fibers in ceiling construction Ceiling cladding made of mineral fibers is used in [...]

Employee portrait: Remo Pfister

Employee portrait Remo Pfister

In our new section «Employee portraits» we would like to give you a look behind the scenes and show you the faces behind our work. They are people who give their best every day and are there for you with words and deeds. Today Remo Pfister, who heads our finance and administration departments, introduces himself. [...]

Our new MVM online shop - create a unique living environment

MVM online shop

We are expanding our portfolio. In addition to services, we now also offer our specialist MVM online shop. For everyone who attaches great importance to an extraordinary flair in their own four walls or in the company. With MVM we are best known as accomplished painters and plasterers. We offer high quality and professional services for private and business customers. [...]

Bringing stucco back to life - plastering work by a specialist

Plastering work by a specialist

Stucco has been very popular for more than 3.000 years. He gained fame especially in antiquity. It finally celebrated its heyday in the Baroque era. Nowadays, stucco is particularly known from apartments in old buildings. But it is also gradually experiencing a renewed upswing in new buildings. We explain to you why you should also change your ceilings and walls [...]

Timely facade renovation to prevent algae and fungus infestation

Renovate the facade

If you are a homeowner, you can certainly sing a song about it: Especially in our part of the world, it is often the case that algae and fungus infestation cause ugly discoloration and spoil the outer walls. The once beautiful look of the house is gone. But what can you do about it? Ask MVM - we will help you to finish your facade [...]