Alternative to tiles

Tiles are a popular floor covering in rooms that often get wet or are characterized by particularly stubborn dirt. The easy-care tiles are particularly popular in the kitchen and bathroom. However, there is a better alternative to tiles. This is the seamless wall and floor covering Naturofloor. In this article we present the practical material as an alternative to tiles in more detail.

What is Naturofloor?

Naturofloor is a mineral material and is made on the basis of quartz sand and white cement. As a seamless wall and floor covering, Naturofloor is an ideal alternative to tiles. It is particularly insensitive to dirt and water. In addition, cleaning is far less complex here than with a tile covering with joints. Naturofloor is a Swiss quality product from Sandmann AG and has been successfully on the market since 1990. It offers numerous possibilities for wall and floor design with different structures, shades and more than 250 different colors.

The advantages of the alternative to tiles

The natural, seamless wall and floor covering Naturofloor offers many advantages as an alternative to tiles. For example, there is no risk of mold forming due to poorly cleaned joints. The easy-care material can be easily cleaned with water and is also suitable for wet areas such as the shower. But the seamless covering is also ideal for the design of walls or the outer covering of your bathtub. This makes it a real alternative to tiles.

Incidentally, Naturofloor gives every room a classy, ​​modern ambience with its clear and natural look. Because the alternative to tiles offers a modern design and is available in many different colors. The natural floor covering is applied by hand and attached to the walls or floor in a defined process. The fact that old tiles do not have to be removed to attach Naturofloor is particularly practical. Because the material has excellent adhesion. So we can attach it directly over the tiles to create the new seamless wall or floor covering. Since the structure of Naturofloor is unique, each individual covering is truly unique. A wide range of individual structures and colors enable you to create the perfect ambience for every living space.

Conclusion: Naturofloor as an alternative to tiles

As an alternative to tiles, Naturofloor offers many advantages and a modern design. The timeless, individual beauty of the wall and floor covering can be perfectly matched to your bathroom or kitchen. Cleaning Naturofloor is easy and takes little time. In order to be able to use your floor or wall covering for a particularly long and optimal time, it should definitely be installed professionally. As an official partner of Sandmann AG, we at MVM AG will be happy to take care of the installation for you.

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