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One less TO DO: Facade check subscription for homeowners

Real estate is very popular in times of low interest rates. They are a good investment, especially for companies and private individuals, and are therefore in great demand. However, homeowners lack the necessary specialist knowledge and often lack the time to maintain the facades. In order to maintain the value of your property, it makes sense to call in a specialist. More and more homeowners trust our facade check subscriptions. You too can trust our competent contact persons at MVM.

That is what makes a professional facade construction

For the overall condition and appearance of a property is a professional one Facade construction decisive. It ensures a pleasant living environment, saves heating costs and protects the building from environmental influences. Regular and professional maintenance by a specialist preserves the value of your home.
Are there any cracks? Does the insulation still meet the requirements? Are Plaster damage to fear? Have the facade surfaces become unsightly? Our MVM experts carefully check whether your facade has any defects. There are various signs of this:

  • Algae or fungus infestation suggests damp areas.
  • Rising heating or cooling costs as well as moisture and frost damage can indicate that the thermal insulation needs to be improved.
  • Crumbling plaster can be a sign of serious damage to facade construction.
  • Weathered paint is also often an indication that the insulation protection needs to be improved.

You can find more test items in our blog post about Facade renovation.

Facade check subscription - this is included

The subscription includes an annual facade inspection of your property, during which our experts check whether there is a need for renovation. Furthermore, they will create a detailed report for you, with which you will get an idea of ​​upcoming renovations. Comprehensive cost control is also included. If necessary, we will of course carry out the necessary work for you.

What are the advantages for the home owner?

The property owner benefits from our expert knowledge and receives an expert assessment. You save time and do not have to keep maintenance dates on record. You will receive a clear cost control with the report. Expensive surprises are a thing of the past! You can therefore rely on our many years of experience and arrange a free consultation today.

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