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Combine wall colors - monochrome was yesterday!

In principle, single-color walls are absolutely okay. This is especially true when setting accents with furniture and decorative elements. However, it is also possible to combine a wide variety of wall colors. In this way, different accents can be set directly on the walls and a wide range of design options can be realized in the living room.

Combine wall colors - why?

Different colors can affect our psyche differently. The individual color design enables a significant improvement in the quality of life. For example, the choice of color can provide more relaxation. It can also improve sleep. On the other hand, there are also colors that trigger inner stress and restlessness. A particularly colorful wall design is sometimes very overwhelming, so that feeling good is no longer an option. For these and other reasons, it is important to combine wall colors correctly from the start.

The different possible combinations

For an attractive wall design, it is advisable to combine contrasting and complementary colors with each other. Bright colors, on the other hand, harmonize perfectly with natural colors such as beige or various shades of brown. If you value a particularly cheerful atmosphere, for example in the children's room, you can also combine various different bright colors with each other. Here, however, it is important to consider the respective nuances and select accordingly.

What colors go well together

If you would like to combine different wall colors, we present some successful color combinations below. In this way, the overall result is guaranteed to appear harmonious and attractive. Blue wall paint often has a sober, but also trustworthy character. Various shades of blue have a very relaxing effect and promote communication. Possible combinations are, among other things, with red-brown or grey-brown elements. Combinations with pastel yellow, light gray or beige also create a particularly beautiful look.

On the other hand, if you want to combine brown or beige wall colors, orange, blue, red, green or purple can create excellent accents. If you combine beige with white, it looks very subtle. Yellow wall colors in the living room have a radiant, stimulating and friendly effect. They also convey a very comfortable and warm atmosphere. Possible combinations are possible with natural shades of green or with sky blue. You can use a subtle gray to hold back the bright yellow. In contrast, red or orange accents can emphasize the yellow particularly intensively.

Finally, we would like to show you ways to combine green wall colors. In principle, green has a natural and lively effect, promotes concentration and is calming. In particular, bluish green tones harmonize with sand and cream colors. On the other hand, if you play with a little brown, beautiful and pleasant forest effects can be created. If you want to combine pastel green with other wall colors, we recommend purple or violet. Strong shades of green such as fir or olive, on the other hand, harmonize with delicate colors such as lilac or rose.

Combine wall colors - for a wonderful atmosphere in the living room

In principle, it is no problem at all to combine different wall colors. In this way, unique effects and accents can be highlighted. You can work with different walls, but also with different wall sections. There are hardly any limits to creativity. Alternatively, colored walls can also be combined with colorful furniture. For your own individual style. We have already introduced you to some possible color combinations.

If you are still unsure or would like to combine other wall colors, you are welcome Contact up to us. Arrange a free consultation now.

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