5 tips for cleaning seamless wall and floor coverings

Seamless floor and wall coverings not only look modern and high-quality. They are also particularly easy to care for, which means that the materials Naturofloor and Terrace in baths, in public buildings, on authorities and also with the transport companies is popular. Coverings laid without joints offer many advantages that you can gain permanently through appropriate cleaning.

Seamless floors: place furniture

As with all floor coverings, you should protect the floor from scratches with a seamless design. If you place heavy furniture on the seamlessly designed surface of the floor coverings, you should already think about the fact that the pieces of furniture have to be moved for floor maintenance when setting up. In this regard, we recommend felt pads, on which you can move any piece of furniture and be sure that there will be no scratches on the seamlessly laid floor. Of course, this method is not only suitable for heavy furniture, but also for all furniture that you do not want to lift but only want to move a little to the side. Felt gliders on chairs, tables, bar stools, sofas, vases or other decorative objects protect the floor.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth

The floor coverings were laid without joints. These are therefore easy to clean with water and a microfiber cloth. You can even clean wet areas in this way. Simply rinse the wet areas with cold water and dry them with a microfiber cloth. This will prevent the build-up of cold residues. ENJO products in particular have proven themselves for cleaning Naturofloor and terrazzo floors.

The right cleaning agent

At best, avoid using detergents entirely. Clear water is enough for a modern Naturofloor or Terrazzo floor completely off. You should only use cleaning agents if your jointless surface is very dirty. This cleaning agent should be free from additives. Otherwise streaks will appear on the jointless surface. Furthermore, to maintain seamless wall and floor coverings, you should avoid using cleaning agents that are strongly alkaline, corrosive, solvent-based, grainy or alcoholic. Use strong detergents only in a 1: 1 diluted ratio.

Correct handling of moisture: seamless wet rooms

Spilled liquids or splashes on the wall, if you opt for seamless wall coverings, should be removed and dried. Naturofloor and Terrace do not allow moisture to penetrate. However, if it is permanently wet it can still affect the seal and leave stains. You should be especially careful with oils and chemical substances such as hair dyes. With the right care, however, the seal is unlikely to attack. Nevertheless, Naturofloor or Terrace can also be used in wet rooms such as the shower. All you have to do here is rinse the flooring with cold water after showering and dry it. This is particularly easy and quick with a squeegee or an ENJO fiber.

Professional help with visible damage

Despite all caution, you cannot rule out the possibility of damage to the floor or wall. Strong impacts, heat or chemicals can cause this. Accidents happen. However, that does not have to mean that you have irreparably damaged seamless wall or floor coverings and that you have to replace them. Because MVM helps you and ensures that your walls and floors are professionally restored to their original condition. As experts in the treatment of Terrace and Naturofloor, the team knows how visible damage is a thing of the past and how it can be effectively repaired.

Conclusion on seamless floors and walls

The fact is that the seamlessly designed floor or the seamless wall are particularly easy to care for. If you follow the tips for cleaning and care, you can look forward to durable wall coverings and floor coverings. In terms of design and sustainability, you have made a good decision for public buildings, for your company and for private households. Where there are no joints, undesirable nucleation and contamination of the spaces between the tiles cannot occur. Curious?

Contact our MVM team now and arrange your free and non-binding consultation! We look forward to helping you decide in favor of modern seamless floors and walls, as well as being able to bring you closer to the advantages of the materials.

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