5 signs your facade should be renovated!

Who is a little Facade construction knows what to do and takes care of the renovation of your facade at an early stage, can prevent long-term consequential damage and increase the value of your property.
The facade renovation is an important measure to maintain the value of your property. As a rule, the older the building, the greater the need for renovation. But how do you know that a facade renovation is necessary? Look out for these five signs so you don't miss the right moment.

The need for a facade renovation - these problems should be recognized

An Facade renovation can have different goals. Clients decide to give the facade a new look as part of a comprehensive renovation. In addition, there are problems that make rehabilitation urgently necessary. We present five important factors that you should urgently recognize and consider.

1) Algae or fungal attack

Damp walls can result in algae or fungus infestation. You can tell by the damp spots that turn black or green over time. Sometimes the algae growth is clearly visible on the facade surface and can mutate into a fungal attack if it persists for a long time. An expert in facade construction analyzes the algae or fungus infestation individually and takes measures tailored to the degree of contamination. In order to prevent long-term damage to the masonry, the facade cleaning should always be carried out sustainably and gently by a specialist.

2) energy efficiency

In older houses, facade renovation is either mandatory or at least advisable for reasons of energy efficiency. Today, an intelligent facade reacts independently with its environment and makes a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings. Effective thermal insulation not only lowers heating costs, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. Various Funding models of the cantons sometimes support such a restructuring request. As a result of the savings in heating costs, the costs invested are amortized very quickly.

3) Moisture and frost damage in masonry

A facade renovation is urgently required if the masonry is damp. The moisture does not go away by itself and can damage the masonry as it never dries off properly. Consequential damage such as mold, fungus or algae infestation can occur. The same applies if you notice frost damage such as cracks or blisters on the facade. This must also be eliminated immediately through a comprehensive facade renovation and upgraded with the right insulation system.

4) Plaster is crumbling or showing cavities

Plan a facade renovation if cavities in the plaster can be recognized by knocking or if it crumbles and falls off. Often there is damage behind it that can have far-reaching consequences. A specialist in facade construction can localize the damage with the help of a thermal imaging camera and take sensible measures to restore the insulation.

5) Weathering of the paint

The paint on a facade can weather due to the influence of moisture, high and low temperatures and direct sunlight. The "wipe test" gives a clear indication of the need for a new coat of paint (except for mineral paints): If you run your hand over the paint and residues stick to it, it is time to act. With a primer and a professional facade painting, you not only improve the appearance, but also the insulation protection of your house.
Have you discovered one or even more of these problems on your facade? Then now is the right time to plan a renovation of your facade. Get active and contact a specialist company for facade construction for an initial planning.
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